A young singer's best day of the year!

What You’ll Learn

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What You’ll Learn

The 2013 Youth Harmony Festival is a unique, comprehensive a cappella harmony music program for young women and men.  This is a first-ever festival in the Pittsburgh area, and we plan to make it an annual event!!  All the classes, rehearsals, performances, and show will be held at Glade Run Presbyterian Church, Route 8, Valencia, PA, about 45 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh.  It is about 15 minutes north from the Butler Exit of the PA Turnpike.

And since this is first-time event, it is FREE to everyone!!  Lunch, learning, and laughter provided along with the music.

If you are a junior or senior high school student who likes to sing, you’ll LOVE learning the intricacies of singing four-part a cappella harmony in the Barbershop style.  It’s a style of singing that can be applied to all types of music – contemporary hits, show tunes, oldies, country, spirituals, and more.

In this one-day harmony festival, you’ll get professional vocal music education, rehearsals, and coaching by top music educators and barbershop experts.  You’ll learn harmony basics, singing technique, choreography, and performance skills.  You will STAR in a Show with other award-winning barbershop singers at 5:30.  The Show is open to your family, friends, and the public.  And it is FREE.  Perhaps best of all you’ll meet lots of other young women and men who enjoy singing.

Required Preparation

Once you register for the Festival, you will receive sheet music and a learning CD for three songs – two will be sung in the Young Women’s Chorus or Young Men’s Chorus, depending on your gender, and one song will be sung in a big Combined Chorus.  Of importance is that you will be expected to know these songs in a voice part of your choice before the Festival.  Register as early as possible so you will have plenty of time to learn your music.  Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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