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Music Educators

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Many music educators are aware that Sweet Adelines International and the Barbershop Harmony Society exist – but they are not aware of their strong educational focus.  Educators of vocal music at all levels, from elementary to collegiate, can benefit from clinics, school visits and educational techniques offered by these organizations through their Young Women In Harmony and Youth In Harmony programs.

Both Sweet Adelines International and the Barbershop Harmony Society have cultivated long and healthy working relationships with MENC.  In 1971, MENC approved the inclusion of a barbershop quartet category in school music contests and endorsed these organizations’ involvement in school music programs.  In 1991, these organizations reaffirmed their commitment to mutual efforts in music education.

Why Promote Barbershop with Your Students?

Singing barbershop-style harmony:
•  Improves ear training for accurate tuning
•  Develops a strong sense of tonality, resolving around the circle of fifths
• Helps develop sensitivity to chord balancing and choral blend
• Stresses proper diction in execution of word sounds
• Builds interpretative performances reflecting the intentions of the composer/lyricist
• Promotes teamwork
• Develops poise, confidence, and performance skills
• Might attract more young women and men into the school’s choral program
• Is a blast!

We want to make your life easier by teaching students the skills that will benefit them in any and every kind of singing venue.

Unit and Lesson Plans available for all participants.

Separate learning tract for music educators available.

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